Body Aesthetic Surgery

  • Lipocontour

    En el deseo de lograr el cuerpo que nuestras pacientes anhelan, se han realizado múltiples modificaciones desde que se inventó la liposucción por Fournier. Actualmente, se ha ido mejorando  la técnica logrando liposucciones más ambiciosas. Un gran avance fue la infiltración de grasa en distintas partes, principalmente en glúteos, lo que dio paso a la […]

  • Breast Reduction

    Feel comfortable with your perfect body   Breast Reduction   Some patients have abundant breast volume. Far from being envied, there are few who understand which one are the troubles derivatives from volume and weight in the anterior thorax. Backache, neck and shoulders pain, difficult to find comfortables clothes and doing physical activities; humidity under the breasts […]

  • Brachioplasty in arms

    Slim and beautiful arms   Brachioplasty   Arms are an important part of the aesthetic and sometimes may not be taken into account but when the patient has lost a significant amount of weight due to a change of life, diet or exercise, or had a surgery to lose weight, or simply accumulates too much […]

  • Breast lift

    Captivating breasts   Breast lift   When the woman has breastfed one or more times, it presents a special phenomenon where there is the loss of volume of the gland but without the retraction of the skin, which generates a fall of the breast in an unattractive way, also called ptosis (fall) . The same […]

  • Abdominoplasty

    Awesome Abdomen   Lipectomy, abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck are synonymous   After pregnancies, it is very common for women to lose their silhouette. This is mainly due to the large expansion of the abdominal wall that occurs by the growth of the babies. As it grows, it expands not only the skin but also the […]

  • Breast augmentation

    Beautiful breasts   Breast augmentation   Breast augmentation is the most sought cosmetic surgery worldwide and Mexico is no exception, just like liposuction.   The surgery should be performed when the patient wishes to increase their breasts volume because; Never had a good breast volume, had it and lost it after breastfeeding and her breasts […]

  • Increasing of glutes

    Glutes attractive   Increasing of glutes   The buttocks have always been one of the anatomical regions most appreciated in female beauty, as are the breasts.   When there is no significant volume can be called gluteal hypotrophy, although not always a true muscle hypotrophy, could be a loss of secondary fat volume, weight loss […]

  • liposuction 4-D HI-DEF for an athletic body

    Captivating abdomen   Liposuction 4-D HI-DEF for an athletic body   Liposuction consists of removing fat. Liposculpture consists of removing fat and applying it where you want to increase. And then what is 4-D liposuction?   The 4-D or High Definition liposuction is a different technique as the same procedure of liposuction is modified to give a new purpose […]

  • Liposuction and liposculpture

    Abdomen plano   Liposuction When a patient wants to shape or change the proportions of her body, the choose is liposuction. Liposuction is a simple procedure, consists of extracting accumulated fat under the skin achieving immediate and spectacular results. It can be performed in any area of the body where fat is present, although it […]