Facial Aesthetic Surgery

  • Liposuction of Jowl

    Get a definite and aesthetic face.   Liposuction of Jowl     The jowl, is that eternal accumulation of fat very evident in the face. In some cases it comes from legacy from parents, and in others it has been accumulating more fat with the passage of the years. It is evident in the photos, especially […]

  • Rhinoplasty

    You will be the center of the eyes.   Rhinoplasty     The nose is the center of the face and therefore the center of attention in relationships and communication. Therefore, when there is an alteration in the nose, this is very evident. Visible problems such as deviations, shortness of breath, drooping tips, ridges, very […]

  • Bichectomy

    Leave the child’s face behind.   Bichectomy   Do you feel that your face is very round? Do you feel unrefined or bulging? Do you think I can improve it any more?   The answer is yes, with this simple procedure. There is a fat bag that increases the volume between the cheekbones and the […]

  • Blepharoplasty or young eyelids

    Presume your young and captivating look.   Blepharoplasty or young eyelids     Over the years, the upper and lower eyelids are undergoing changes that affect both aesthetics and function.   Many patients say that in the morning they can not open their eyes properly because they “feel heavy” upper eyelids, and sometimes even affect […]

  • Ear surgery Otoplasty

    Have ears of envy.   Ear surgery Otoplasty   Having prominent ears is not only aesthetic problem but also can be social. In the early ages children can be mocked and nicknamed by the presence of ears protruding at the sides.   However, there is a simple solution with surgery that can be performed in […]