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Better observe what our patients talk about Dr Hector Duran, plastic surgeon.

Very devoted to his work and too much love to his profession

Mariana S

I admire him because I know he works very well and apart he is a great human being

Zulma G

Excellent doctor .. With a team of first work … Very professional …. And a personalized attention that allows me to recommend them extensively … very happy with the results … Thanks for everything

Maru R

Excellent surgeon, honest, direct, fun, attentive, ethical, thanks for pleasing me in the songs during the OR. I want to feel better to send him my photos, i feel very happy❤.  And now if I devote myself to my diet and exercise to keep me healthy and fit.

Joss T

Excellent plastic surgeon, with extensive experience in his work so I recommend it extensively

Ana P

Opino que es un gran Doctor y que es muy profesional y confiable 100%

Karen S.

Hi Dr.! I just write to thank you once again 🙂 I am fascinated with my surgery and from the first day I have felt excellent And God’s first here we see you in November


I loved my nose, thank you very much, I still like it !!!


“He is an excellent doctor recommended with all the confidence of the world, with good team of work and does everything for the patient to leave to taste and with good treatment attention !!!”

Lary S

“Very very excellent, my dear Doctor, changing our lives! Thank you!”

Anny C

En lo personal le agregaría y “Reconstructor de Vidas”. En cada consulta usted conoce a 2 mujeres, la pre y la post operatoria y esta segunda ya está viviendo un sueño que acarició desde hacía mucho tiempo y ¡al que usted le dio forma!

No todos los Doctores tienen la Visión Estética que usted transmite y lo hace sin ninguna clase de egoísmo o sesgo discriminatorio, usted con el Liderazgo y Sabiduría que posee ayuda al que paga y al que no paga, no porque no quiera sino porque no puede y eso le agrega otro valor a usted, La Caridad. Usted y su equipo nos “Reconstruyen la Vida” a ambos.

Le comente en Quirófano que no podía escribir en un whats todo lo que pienso y agradezco de usted. Dios nunca se equivoca y a Él nos encomendamos para tomar la decisión de con que Dr. operarnos. Han pasado 9 meses desde mi lipectomía y ayer fui a un “retoque” mismo que cierra este proceso y seguimos pensando que Usted y su valioso Equipo fueron nuestra mejor elección.

Gracias por su acompañamiento, paciencia y comprensión, eso no lo cubren los honorarios. Sepa que desde hace casi un año, usted está presente en nuestros domingos de Misa y por supuesto en nuestras oraciones diarias para que siga ejerciendo su hermosa profesión y siga siendo vocero de la misma en todo el mundo.

Usted Ama su trabajo y eso es lo que los distingue de sus homólogos. Gracias por “Reconstruir mi vida” estamos agradecidos y satisfechos con su trabajo.

Deseamos pase en compañía de su Familia una Navidad llena de Bendiciones y un Año Nuevo cargado de Retos y más Éxitos!”

Martha O

“A great surgeon, with years of experience and an excellent reputation.”

Miriam C

“Excellent doctor .. With a team of first work … Very professional …. And a personalized attention that allows me to recommend them extensively … very happy with the results …. Thank you all”

Maru R

“Excellent surgeon, very professional and reliable. Recommended 100%!”

Ale V.

“100% recommended, I performed a rhinoplasty and the result was excellent, plus the recovery process was very good, no discomfort, no pain or complications, greetings Doc.”

Rudy M

“A doctor with the highest seriousness in the world, where the priority is his patients, excellent surgeon 100% recommended!”

Karen V

“The experience that I lived with Dr. Duran was excellent, I operated for some time and never had problems with my surgery, my intervention was in the city of taxco gro.And I really say that as a surgeon and person is an excellent being human.”

Sandra R.

“An excellent professional and human being, dedicated to his work and his patients, always looking for the highest quality in his work and the total satisfaction of his patients.”

Victor D

“Excellent surgeon and person highly recommend it because of the great work I do I am very happy with the results”

Liz P.

“The best experience of my life, gave me the extra confidence that I needed, made me flourish and see how beautiful it could become. His team consented to me as a baby, the Doctor understood perfectly how he wanted to see me, and with the shortest recovery time ♡♡♡♡”

Ere C.

“The truth an excellent surgeon my respects I thought that I would not be able to move the hand and now I am as if nothing does not notice the injury”

Nohemi U

“Excellent doctor very good attention, a very friendly work team. It gave me a lot of confidence. I recommend it. ”

Mari G

“In my experience he, and all his team some real professionals .. seriousness and innovation … only with Dr. Héctor … infinite blessings .. made me very happy with the results of my surgery”

Mildred S

“From the first moment I give myself all the confidence of the world to put myself in their hands and that was 7 days ago I am wonderfully enchanted with all the team that has, I was taken care of at all times even these days after the always pending, attention is 10 I feel very happy the doctor dedicated patient honest is a great person and a professional I thank infinitely the attentions that they had with me.It was a beautiful experience I am delighted.God bless you all ”

Barbiie G

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