Technology in Plastic Surgery

Todos estos aparatos han sido objeto de una cuidadosa selección e inversión, con el objetivo de lograr cirugías plásticas con lo último de la tecnología, y con el objeto de poder dar recuperación más rápida, sencilla y segura.

  • Vaser (UAL)

    vaserIt is a new technology that generates ultrasound waves through cannulas to be introduced to the fat and allow a rapid disruption of the structures that support it, allowing a better release of the adipocytes for their suction and a much better retraction of the tissues. Knowing how to use it wisely in liposuction generates an adequate definition and much less blood loss and therefore a faster recovery and less discomfort and allows a faster return to activities. Come on, it’s just, “Phenomenal!”

    It is an indispensable tool in 4-D liposuction, which allows the body to be molded more easily and effectively.

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  • Smart Lipo

    LASER LIPO. Now we have Smart Lipo, for liposuction. Faster, safer and more defined procedures with the benefit of laserlipolysis technology.

Microaire (PAL)

microaireIt is a tool that greatly facilitates the work during a liposuction. It is one of the best tools of the last decade since it specifically allows the liposuction cannula to vibrate during the surgeon’s movement, which generates movements that allow it to move better and with less trauma within the tissues. The result? Faster, more effective liposuctions with less bleeding since the vibrating cannula deviates from the tissues with greater resistance avoiding major trauma and also allows all surgery to be faster allowing less time for anesthesia, less blood loss and A much faster recovery accordingly. And in conjunction with Vaser, they make the perfect combination of any surgeon expert in liposuction and body contouring.

  • Normo-Temp

    normotempThis is the most advanced commercial device to maintain body temperature in long and risky procedures for hypothermia. Routinely used in cardiac surgery, we have not spared costs in order to routinely provide all our patients with body contour surgery which will allow excellent control during temperature surgery, more comfort during and after the procedure as well As better platelet function which translates clinically as a lesser blood loss. It is so effective that we simply can not think at present of carrying out procedures of this kind at the moment without this technology and that, however, unfortunately, is not a routine yet in many operating rooms. However, if you are Dr. Durán’s patient, you will be able to benefit from this advanced technology.

  • Bair Hugger

    bair huggerIf the surgery is less than two hours and does not have as much body exposure, the Bair Paw is placed which is a device that forces the passage of hot air through special gowns, which makes it maintain the temperature in a fast and simple. Without complications.


  • Temperature.

    circulation3During various procedures of surgeries, a loss of body temperature occurs in the patient. This is due to exposure to the low temperature of all operating theaters and also the use of anesthesia, which causes you to lose nervous regulation of body temperature. The result, hypothermia or loss of temperature. It has been shown that hypothermia during surgery generates an increased risk of infection, and decreases the capacity of platelet function, therefore predisposes to greater bleeding. To avoid this, you have two vital elements that allow a much more comfortable surgery as well as a much faster recovery.

  • Continuos monitoring.

    ritmo-cardiacoDuring the surgery procedure, from the smallest to the largest, you will be constantly monitored. This is part of our commitment to the patient. Vital signs such as body temperature, heart rate, oxygenation, blood pressure, diuresis, and / or other advanced monitoring devices will be used during your surgery to ensure that things go as planned. Also after your surgery you will be constantly reviewed by the medical and nursing staff who work specifically with Dr. Durán (not just the clinic staff) at your service to help you, support you and take care of you, so that you feel cared for, nd safe.

  • Postoperative


    in-person-help-health-care-ftrOnce you are out of the clinic, we can be in contact with you as much as you require, both nursing, anesthesiology and your surgeon to resolve any doubts. We do not skimp on the use of technology that also allows us to get closer to you. We want everything to go well, and we try every day.


  • Highly personalized attention.

    We do not skimp on your care. During your recovery you will have at your disposal the attention of a nurse and a general doctor always to support you. Even if it requires cures at home … We take care of you as we would like to be looked after by us if we were in your place