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Breast augmentation


Breast augmentation is the most sought cosmetic surgery worldwide and Mexico is no exception, just like liposuction.


aumento-senosThe surgery should be performed when the patient wishes to increase their breasts volume because; Never had a good breast volume, had it and lost it after breastfeeding and her breasts are seen as empty bags, or simply to want to increase brassiere size and have full breasts.


It is a relatively simple surgery, with impressive aesthetic results and improves the self-esteem of the patient, since the breasts are the receptors of a great part of the femininity and a suitable volume generates confidence, attraction and security.


The surgery of the increase requires a preoperative assessment where it will determine both the desires of volume of the patient and to know if it is a candidate and the limitations of it, since sometimes the volume that patients want is not possible because the skin they have can not accommodate the desired size.


The next thing to determine in the consultation is the incision or the site where the prosthesis will enter. I usually give patients the two most widely used options, which are periareolar (around the areola) or inframammary (below the gland near the fold).I am constantly asked which of the two I consider the best and the answer is that both are good, however, the 2 have disadvantages. In the case of inframammary it is the most used for two simple reasons: it is linear and easy to close with adequate scarring. It also has the advantage that through this incision one enters directly into the space where the prosthesis must be placed, avoiding altering the mammary gland, so that surgery is quick and simple and easy to care during recovery. In contrast the periareolar incision has the advantages that can be covered with any garment that covers the nipple and the scar when being in the skin of the nipple can get little notice (which is not necessarily true in all cases).  It has two disadvantages, the first is that it has to pass through the mammary gland to reach the space where to place the prosthesis, so surgery may be a little more laborious especially if there is abundant breast tissue, the second disadvantage is that Not always have an areola of adequate size to place a prosthesis. If this is the case then an inframammary incision is made or a smaller implant will be chosen.


aumento-senos2Once the incision is chosen, proceed to choose the space where to place the prosthesis. The two main choices are subglandular and submuscular.  The subglandular is chosen when you want a more striking and bulky neckline, and the submuscular when you want a less pronounced and marked neckline. My patients also ask me which is better.The answer is that neither space is better, rather it depends on the final result that patients want to get at the level of the neckline. However, it is suggested that in very thin patients, the implant should be placed at the submuscular level so that the implant is less marked, since if it were subglandularly placed when thin, the coverage will be minimal and more noticeable.


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The advantage of choosing a subglandular space is that surgery and recovery is usually very fast with minimal discomfort. In contrast, the submuscular is usually accompanied by a little more pain and inflammation, although after 3-5 days the discomfort is similar to the subglandular

And finally, we choose the size to place. This may be the most difficult decision because patients know they want to increase volume but simply do not know how much. They usually think about a brassiere size they want to wear, which is complicated because implants do not come in bra sizes; Others have received some recommendation of specific size of implant by some friend who has already operated and come convinced that is the right size for them, not realizing that the friend may not have the same height or skin, nor the same size of chest or number of children with breastfeeding so placing the same size of implants can result in a disaster. However, we have developed a very simple system based on 3 simple tests to be able to reach an agreement; The patient will know what to expect from her new breasts size and without major jolts; This is a system proven by the experience of the evaluation and the accomplishment of many surgeries with a very low index of dissatisfactions made to the patients of Dr. Duran. In fact, the dissatisfaction that has rarely come to have with a patient has usually been when the patient insists on a specific size and does not take into consideration the recommendations of her surgeon.


For surgery it is required that some general preoperative tests are performed in the laboratory of your choice, and once performed can be scheduled.


The surgery is planned to be performed under an ambulatory surgery scheme. It is usually performed under regional anesthesia, applying only the area to be operated, and recovery is very rapid. Occasionally for safety or at the insistence of the patient we can also perform surgery under general anesthesia, especially for those with great anxiety and nervousness, which is fully understandable.


At 7-15 days the patient should go to the doctor’s office for the removal of points and before 15 days may show their new breasts. However the time of disinflammation of a surgery can take 3-6 months to achieve the final aesthetic result, so we ask that you avoid the change of wardrobe until that time.


The result is impressive. Seeing a beautiful woman with big breasts wearing a beautiful dress, blouse or swimsuit is something that not only catch the attention of those who are around, it is an extremely pleasant experience.


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