Leave the child’s face behind.




bichectomia2Do you feel that your face is very round? Do you feel unrefined or bulging? Do you think I can improve it any more?


The answer is yes, with this simple procedure. There is a fat bag that increases the volume between the cheekbones and the jaw, which makes the face look round or in some cases square.


This fat is a defined and encapsulated deposit intermingled between the tissues, is called bichat bag and can be removed with surgery.

The surgery is ambulatory, relatively fast and simple; Is performed in the operating room or consulting office in 15-30 minutes. The anesthesia is local and the incision is inside the mouth so it will not be visible. It is not annoying and the pain that may exist will be easily controlled by painkillers.


Get nice cheeks and a thin face.


Care requires a liquid diet for three days, oral hygiene. Return to daily activities is relatively fast. The main objective of surgery is to reduce volume, achieving a more upright, aesthetic, refined, and less bulging face of the cheeks; Therefore less childish. The aesthetic benefit will be seen after 3 weeks.