Slim and beautiful arms




Arms are an important part of the aesthetic and sometimes may not be taken into account but when the patient has lost a significant amount of weight due to a change of life, diet or exercise, or had a surgery to lose weight, or simply accumulates too much fat at this location, the patient has two main problems; The first, related to weight gain, is fat accumulation which causes the arm to accumulate volume, the second, related to weight loss, is too much flaccidity. For these aesthetic problems there are two possible solutions. Regarding to over weight the solution is to reduce by liposuction, which is done through one or two small incisions less than 1 cm in the elbow or near the armpit (so that the scar is not noticed), and through which the fat extraction is performed. Usually if the volume is not very large and does not have many stretch marks the skin resumes its elastic characteristics and no other procedure is required.


And when the problem is the flaccidity caused by weight loss, in which the skin hangs too much, the solution is different, it is called brachioplasty and is done through removing the excess of skin and closing in a linear way leaving a scar on the inner side of the arm that can will fade with time.


Don’t be afraid of short sleeves, show off your arms now.


However, it is sometimes necessary to perform both surgeries, brachioplasty and liposuction at the same time. Since some patients have a lot of skin but also a large volume of fat. The results are spectacular.


And there is another group of patients who may also require aesthetic arm surgery. They are thin patients, who exercise but by genetic determination have always had an accumulation of fat in the lower arm. In these patients a simple liposuction is performed to erase that uncomfortable fat.


This is relatively fast surgery, about 1-2 hours, and is ambulatory. It is usually done under sedation and local anesthesia and patients walk at 2 hours after the surgery.


The care is simple and recovery does not require more than 5-7 days. Part of the care requires a special garment kind of elastic sleeves or “torerito” to low the inflammation and improve the contour of the arm.


The results of this surgery are easily noticed. Self-esteem is immediately recovered. Successfully treated patients come back to the office with a smile and great satisfaction because they can already wear clothes that were previously denied or prohibited, and are very happy with the decision.