Glutes attractive


Increasing of glutes


The buttocks have always been one of the anatomical regions most appreciated in female beauty, as are the breasts.


aumento-gluteosWhen there is no significant volume can be called gluteal hypotrophy, although not always a true muscle hypotrophy, could be a loss of secondary fat volume, weight loss or simply never had that volume because genetically was not defined.


For gluteal augmentation there are two options. The first is an increase with lipotrasferencia and the second is with implants.

The first of these options is chosen when there is enough fat in the patient to increase them. The extraction of fat has to be proper, is done with a liposuction to give body contour. When taking the fat and saving it during the same procedure, it is applied in the gluteal zone (intramuscular and subcutaneous).


A menudo me preguntan si la grasa aplicada de esta manera puede generar celulitis y la respuesta es no. La celulitis es una condición totalmente diferente y no depende exclusivamente de la grasa, sino de los septos que tiran de la piel al mismo tiempo. Así que puedo asegurar que si el paciente no tiene tendencia a la celulitis seguramente no habrá problema de celulitis.

The volume of gluteal augmentation that can be performed will depend on the volume of fat that is available, although not always all the fat is placed. In fact the volume that each patient wants to have is valued. That’s what we call 100%. Unfortunately it is normal that after the operation the fat is reabsorbed from 30 to 60% (in the course of 3 months) which depends on many factors. To achieve a pleasant result we must overcome the increase. Knowing the percentage of absorption, then we transferred 140%, to have a final result of approximately 100%.

Presume those glutes with the swimsuit you want


The result of increase with lipotransferencia of fat is extremely pleasant and it is the worldwide tendency in increase of glúteos, is achieved an increase with volume (form and sensation) being natural and normal, it is possible to increase the curves in 3 dimensions generating attractive and the sex -a-ppeal of the patient.


When there is not much fat available, gluteal implant is available. This has the advantage of giving an increase that can be kept constant and that will not vary as time goes by, so the main indication is in thin patients with gluteal hypotrophy.

It is performed through two incisions placed in the region between the buttocks above the anus. The implant is dissected and placed under the muscle to give extra coverage. The increase is observed immediately and the result is also shocking.

The disadvantage is that the patient should not sit for 2-3 weeks to avoid further inflammation on the gluteal zone and tension of the wound area. Generally drains are used to collect bleeding. These drains are removed from 7-21 days depending on the volume they collect day by day. The sutures are removed in 7-10 days. The result of gluteal augmentation with implants is pleasant and extremely effective.

In the case of both surgeries, they can be performed under an outpatient scheme, meaning that patients can go home on the same day. They should then take antibiotics and analgesics to protect the subsequent days of recovery.

The recovery at home will be 7-10 days and may return to office work after a week in the case of fat infiltration and 15-21 days in the case of gluteal implants.

The result of both surgeries will usually be a back decked out by a pair of spectacular and sexy glutes, which will look on any skirt or swimwear.