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When the woman has breastfed one or more times, it presents a special phenomenon where there is the loss of volume of the gland but without the retraction of the skin, which generates a fall of the breast in an unattractive way, also called ptosis (fall) . The same process can occur when a woman loses a lot of weight, either by diet, exercise or the result of bariatric surgery.

The way to solve it is through performing a surgery to replace the tissues and remove that excess skin called mastopexy or breast lift.

Mastopexy can be performed with or without implants, although it is recommended that an increase in breast volume is included, because it is part of the problem in ptosis, the other problem is the flaccidity of the skin.

levantamiento-de-senosMastopexy can then be performed with several techniques, although if it is not very marked, it is done through a technique called periareolar mastopexy, or with an incision around the areola. The other techniques have the disadvantage of leaving long scars vertically or even inverted t or anchor.To avoid this result (although sometimes it may be the only option) we adopt the periareolar technique so that the only scar is around the areola. Although it reduces the scars to the minimum, which is a great advantage, also has its disadvantages that the patient has to know before realizing it. First, it is necessary to remove the skin around the areola (simulating the shape of a donut) and subsequently attach the outer edges to the inner ones, which leaves a wrinkled scar around the areola. These wrinkles can be observed for about 3-5 weeks after surgery, depending on the degree of mastopexy, but almost always becomes flattened and regularized.The other disadvantage is that being the areola the center of the tension of the mastopexy can lose a little projection and look a bit flattened. Usually both disadvantages get better or corrected, however, the patient should know that is a risk that exists, especially when the fall of the breast is too much.


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However, sometimes in breasts with a lot of ptosis (very pronounced fall) the only option of mastopexy will be mastopexy with inverted t or anchor. In itself, this procedure is the best option for breast reduction, since a readjustment of the entire mammary gland is performed. The resulting scars are around the areola, one vertical and one more horizontal in the inframammary fold, but they may become barely visible if proper care is available and the patient’s genetics allows it. In case you require this type of mastopexy we will make sure to give you the necessary care for your best recovery.

In most cases we place an implant that can be submuscular or subglandular (see the section of breast augmentation) achieving that with this increase of volume it replaces the lost that caused the fall of the breast.

The result of breast augmentation in conjunction with mastopexy is a repositioning of the breast avoiding the fall. It is a surgery that gives the woman the confidence to dress and fill those garments that are no longer used, and why not ?, buy new ones ….