Awesome Abdomen


Lipectomy, abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck are synonymous


lipectomiaAfter pregnancies, it is very common for women to lose their silhouette. This is mainly due to the large expansion of the abdominal wall that occurs by the growth of the babies. As it grows, it expands not only the skin but also the fat and the anterior muscles called the rectus abdominis muscles, which keep a relation or distance from each other which is lost as the pregnancy progresses, when the woman is recovering from pregnancy, she notices that the abdomen looks more flaccid and bulky.So that Despite all the efforts, exercise, diets, and medications to achieve an improvement, the abdomen is often not the same as before. The only way to improve the sequelae of this great abdominal expansion, stretch marks, scars, and straight diastasis (which means the separation between both rectus abdominus muscles) is the surgery known as abdominoplasty or lipectomy.


Stop hiding your beautiful belly.

For this procedure, preoperative studies are usually requested as well as a cardiological assessment to ensure safety in some patients.

It is important to mention that there are variations of lipectomy. When there is not too much flaccidity or diastasis, a mini lipectomy can be performed which is a variation, the objective is to remove the existing skin between the pubis and four fingers below the navel (area most affected by pregnancies). It has the advantage that recovery is very rapid, and that patients can return to pregnancy without major problem after some time. The resulting scar is horizontal and will be hidden by intimate clothing.

However when there is too much flaccidity, diastasis and stretch marks, the only solution will be lipectomy.

This consists first of removing the excess skin that exists just above the navel to the pubic level, there will be a transverse scar in the area of intimate clothing. Posteriormente se avanza el segmento de piel que está por encima del ombligo, para que éste vuelva a formar la piel del abdomen anterior y se reparan los músculos rectos, a través de una plicatura o unión de los mismos con sutura fuerte, que forma una especie de corsé interno que tiene la función de devolver el abdomen a la silueta original, lograr más cintura, y dar más fuerza para los músculos. Es frecuente que también se descubran hernias principalmente a nivel umbilical, las cuales podrán ser reparadas.

abdomen_perfectoWhile most plastic surgeons leave the original navel to be reinserted through the anterior abdominal skin area, the technique has been modified to have a new navel. This has several advantages, the main one is that it looks better, more youthful, and especially with no scars that are frequently visible in the original abdominoplasty procedure. We have received many congratulations from the patients for this technique, because their navel is much natural and with the absence of scars.

Perfect abdomen in a short time.

Recovery may require one day of hospitalization, although it can also be treated on several occasions as outpatient surgery. Patients should maintain care as any surgery, with antibiotic, analgesic, and will often be left with a reservoir called drainage, which will collect and monitor the outflow of blood fluid for approximately three to five days;  at the end of these days, the patients will go to removal the drainage to the doctor’s office. Usually the sutures of this surgery are removed in a week (according to the evolution of the patient). It will be important to wear a special girdle for about a month that will help shape the figure. It is very common that this procedure is accompanied by liposuction, to complete the shape of the figure, mainly at the waist level.

It is also common for patients to request posterior body contour, ie liposuction of the back and fat infiltration into the gluteus which can be done in the same procedure.

The results are very satisfactory, as they lose excess skin in the abdomen, it greatly improves self-esteem and silhouette. Many patients return to using two-piece swimwear because of the perfect results.

Lipectomy or abdominoplasty is a highly recommended procedure to solve a very common problem in women who have had two or three pregnancies, although it’s also frequent that we do it after important weight loss or after bariatric surgery in both men and women.