Captivating abdomen


Liposuction 4-D HI-DEF for an athletic body


Liposuction consists of removing fat. Liposculpture consists of removing fat and applying it where you want to increase. And then what is 4-D liposuction?


liposuccion-4dThe 4-D or High Definition liposuction is a different technique as the same procedure of liposuction is modified to give a new purpose to the extraction of fat: To be able to mold in a really artistic way your body emphasizing the muscle groups and defining them of a different and never seen before.


 Not all patients are candidates. Only those who truly want to improve their body and make it a piece of art. Different areas are individually transformed to make changes more evident.  In the arms you will find more definition of the biceps and improves the deltoid. In the chest the pectorals are defined and increased in volume. In the abdomen the presence of the straight muscle and the six-pack can be appreciated as well as the oblique and even the serratus. Back is defined, the dorsal width and glutes are increased or defined depending on the previous anatomy.


Sometimes it is necessary a help to be able to reveal the great effort with the gym, but that simply is not able to see, and is hidden under the accumulations of fat sometimes inherited.


So decide and realize your dream, shape your discipline, effort and allows your muscles to be protagonists of your life.



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