Get a definite and aesthetic face.


Liposuction of Jowl



liposuccion de papada 2The jowl, is that eternal accumulation of fat very evident in the face. In some cases it comes from legacy from parents, and in others it has been accumulating more fat with the passage of the years. It is evident in the photos, especially in the “Selfies”, and it is always there.


The solution is a quick and simple procedure called liposuction, where by means of a minimum incision of 1 cm in the chin liquid is introduced and later with a super thin cannula, this fat is obtained mixed with the liquid. It is an ambulatory procedure of 15-30 minutes, as well as once the patient is able to walk or drive home at term.


Do not be afraid of the photographs anymore.


The care will be antibiotics and analgesics, as well as rest for a week.


The result will be less bulging in this area, with a more defined face, and less round.