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When a patient wants to shape or change the proportions of her body, the choose is liposuction.

Liposuction is a simple procedure, consists of extracting accumulated fat under the skin achieving immediate and spectacular results. It can be performed in any area of the body where fat is present, although it is usually done on dewlap, back, arms, flanks, thorax, abdomen, legs and buttocks.

dietThe difference between liposuction and liposculpture is simple. Fat is extracted in liposuction. The same thing is also done in liposculpture, but the extracted fat is applied in areas of the body where it is needed, mainly in buttocks to achieve a discreet size (firm buttlocks) or a bigger volume if patient has enough fat. Lately, breast infiltration is also performed, although the volume that can be achieved varies from moderate to discrete. Implants are generally preferred for this mammary gland area.

What is the purpose of this procedure? To mold the patient body in order to get harmonic proportions between different anatomical regions. The goal of liposuction is not to achieve weight loss for anyone. This is achieved through nutrition and exercise, and sometimes with bariatric surgery, but not with liposuction. However, we frequently perform liposuction in overweight patients. The goal is the same, to get a harmony between different anatomical regions. The liposuction is measured in liters that are drawn from this fat. The volume can vary and can range from 500 milliliters to 4-5 liters of fat. Although larger volume liposuctions can be performed, we do not recommend it because it can cause significant blood loss. This is why every patient should be well valued before any liposuction procedure. Based on patient valuation, age and body mass index, examinations are requested to verify the number of hemoglobin, platelets, coagulation, as well as electrocardiogram.

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Surgery is usually performed under regional anesthesia, means that only the treatable parts are anesthetized, so that patients recover quickly and usually performed on an outpatient basis, means that recovery is within two to three hours after operation. Everyday is less frequent to hospitalize a patient but can be a precautionary and well-justified measure, or simply a measure of comfort especially for patients living outside the city.

The results of liposuction are observed immediately on the first day. Generally, the patients observe changes in their silhouette that are spectacular and impossible to achieve otherwise, since sometimes exercise and diet are not enough, because there are well defined accumulations of fat that will be difficult to improve because of a genetic family issue. That is where liposuction shines. However, a few days later, the patients present inflammation, which will be reduced in the coming two or three weeks to 3-6 months to achieve the final result.

Some patients think it is a painful procedure, some do not feel uncomfortable. The truth is that there is no surgery without discomfort but the pain is very individual and responds to something called degree of tolerance to pain or pain threshold. This means there are patients who come to feel minimal discomfort or none and for others it will be very uncomfortable. The important thing is that there are excellent analgesics to help with this discomfort.

The results are, in most cases, spectacular, especially when the surgery is well indicated. We reduce the volume is exceeded, increase where it is decreased, and best of all, we keep the relationship between volumes to achieve your goals and to make yourself look beautiful and incredible.

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