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Breast Reduction


reduccion-mamaria2Some patients have abundant breast volume. Far from being envied, there are few who understand which one are the troubles derivatives from volume and weight in the anterior thorax. Backache, neck and shoulders pain, difficult to find comfortables clothes and doing physical activities; humidity under the breasts and others are constant troubles for people who have big breasts and the only solution is a surgery named breast reduction

This surgery requires a consultation to know the degree of reduction to be performed and the different breast reduction techniques will be determined. We do medical studies, if everything is OK, the surgery can be scheduled.


Look at those pretty, narrow clothes.


This surgery is performed under regional or general anesthesia, and can be performed under an ambulatory surgery scheme, which means that the patient can go home once recovered.


Usually drains are used which are small tubes that collect some bleeding (occasionally), usually removed 3-7 days after surgery.


Although there are different techniques to do breast reduction, it is very probable that there is a scar in the areola (around or vertical). Caring for these scars will help make them less noticeable.


Recovery is usually given in 7-10 days, the patient will be able to rejoin dradically to work activities, intense physical activities will be achieved within 3 weeks of surgery.


The result will be to return to life without a weight of more, you will wear beautiful clothes, wearing the figure you have always wished. No more neck, back and chest pain. You look beautiful

Say goodbye to that excess of breasts that has bothered you so much.