Rejuvenate yourself


Facial Rejuvenation with Surgery


rejuvenecimiento facial 2With the passage of days, exposure to the sun and weight changeTas, our skin is changing, and the face even more. This is the result of skin flaccidity coupled with loss of volume, which shows wrinkles and the characteristic signs of aging, which can occur even at earlier ages than we would imagine.


Fortunately there is the opportunity to improve it through a surgery called rhytidectomy. The result of this surgery is reduce excess skin resection, as well as to lift and reposition the tissues where they originally have to be.


Get young for many years.


Currently this surgery is performed under local anesthesia plus sedation to obtain excellent results without a long time to recovery.


Surgery is considered an outpatient surgery and care is relatively simple, including antibiotics, analgesics, and rest for about a week.


Usually this surgery is accompanied by other associated procedures, such as eyelid surgery, lifting eyebrows, or also fat transfer to give more volume in furrow zones.


This surgery will achieve the desired rejuvenation by delaying the passage of the years but without changing yourself, as we clearly understand that the main fear of this surgery is the risk of being with a totally unpleasant and artificial aspect.


That is why the effort in the changes we make will be discreet and obvious, after the surgery will remain yourself, but younger and so enjoy for many years.