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Facial Rejuvenation Without Surgery


For patients who want an improvement in their face, but who are not yet old enough for surgery, or simply want to improve and refresh it, there are alternatives to facial rejuvenation without surgery.

There are three options to achieve this…

Botulinum toxin

This product works excellent for those wrinkles that are caused by the movement of the facial muscles, mainly in the area of the brow, forehead and the corner of the eyes. The toxin blocks the action on the muscles chosen for an aesthetic result, so these muscles will no longer be able to move and cause wrinkles.rejuvenecimiento-facial-sin-cirujia


The application of this medication is simple, easy, fast and with effective results. No special studies are required, the procedure is done at doctor’s office and the application lasts only about 5 minutes, and no special care or rest following the procedure is required. After application, the effect will be noticeable after 5-10 days and duration can vary to 4-6 months. You will love the result and you will return for a reapplication, so you only have to apply it twice a year.


It is an excellent medicine to treat wrinkles caused by movement of facial muscles, this is why one million patients worldwide are doing this treatment yearly.

Hyaluronic acid

When movement isn’t the cause for your wrinkles, but fat atrophy over the years it is, these wrinkles are evidence of aging, causing patients to be stigmatized. However, there is a simple solution. Being wrinkles caused by loss of volume, the solution then consists of giving volume to where it is required. Fortunately the solution is quick and simple and consists of using hyaluronic acid. This product has a molecule that exists naturally inside the body in joints and body fluids, so the body recognizes it as something normal.


There are different presentations of the product and differ in viscosity and duration, although we usually apply products that last from 1 to 1.5 years in average.


The mirror shows the best version of yourself.


No previous special study is required, it is only necessary to not have taken any aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid or any previous anticoagulant. The application is done quickly in office, lasts less than 10 minutes and no special care is required after the application.


Currently the new hyaluronic acids contain xylocaine within its formulation which is a local anesthetic so when applied the pain decreases considerably. The effects are observed immediately and the patient can notice the improvement in real time.


This product will really help you to reduce the old age effect. It is a starred product because the results are immediate and extremely pleasant. We also know perfectly that patients have a main fear with these procedures, they think their face is going to be swollen or deformed. No worries, because we know what it is required in order to do simply changes for you to look youth again with no regrets. We are very careful in these aspects, and hyaluronic acid is a natural substance and will not generate these inconveniences, also we will only use the necessary minimum volume. We have a lot of experience in the use of this product.

Autologous Fat Lipotransfer

When a face volume loss is significant and the necessary volume to replace it is greater than usual, or when a more durable volume change is required, the option is to take patient own fat and apply it in the areas where depression or grooves exist.


It is a procedure that requires a small liposuction and not generate volume changes at abdominal areas, this is performed under local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. Preoperative tests are requested to verify that there is good coagulation and if everything is ok, it can be performed in an office or operating room along with another procedure.


The fat is obtained, prepared and applied as if it were the hyaluronic acid. The results are incredible and beautiful, as it replenishes exactly what was needed. And another advantage of this procedure is that the quality of the skin on which it is applied improves considerably thanks to the stem cells contained in the adipocytes.


The result is immediately observed although a slight inflammation can be observed after application for about 3-5 days. After the inflammation a part of the infiltrated fat is reabsorbed and 3 months later we can observe the stabilization of the applied volume. This is considered a good way to do slightly corrections in order to obtain the desired results.


It is certainly a procedure that will meet expectations when the atrophy caused by time, and constant changes in body weight cause volume deficiencies at the facial level and is an excellent adjuvant when performing other procedures at the facial level, even with reconstructive purposes.