You will be the center of the eyes.





rinoplastia2The nose is the center of the face and therefore the center of attention in relationships and communication. Therefore, when there is an alteration in the nose, this is very evident. Visible problems such as deviations, shortness of breath, drooping tips, ridges, very large backs, or just not liking it are some of the disturbances that can lead a patient to seek medical attention. And it is resolved through rhinoplasty, or nose surgery to change their appearance.


It is performed under local or general anesthesia, and changes are made in the structure of cartilage and bones to give it a balanced, harmonious and adequate shape to each face. The surgery is outpatient, which means that after surgery and waiting an hour or two for recovery, you can go home. The care is simple and consists mainly in taking your medicines on time and changing gauze in case of staining. The pain is easily controlled with painkillers and sometimes we stop, but no, do not worry; These are new, state-of-the-art silastic stoppers that will not bother you in the slightest and will also allow proper breathing while you use them.


Harmonize and balance your face.


The withdrawal of points is done 7 days and the change of splint is performed a week and 15 days. The final results will be observed just like any other nose surgery is delayed but after 3 weeks you will have an idea of how it will look.


The final result is a balanced nose, harmonious and according to your face, in males a more straight and less pronounced tip to give it an even more masculine appearance, and in women more curved and fine lines, the patient being able to determine the Degree of projection of the tip. The years have made us understand that every patient wants to avoid the appearance of operated nose, too spattered or looking piggy. That is why in each patient is performed an analysis of facial structure and an appropriate interrogation suggesting the best options, as well as listening to the desires of each one, in order to achieve the expected result.